Transitions Program

We understand how stressful it can be to move from life-long homes to a Senior Living Community and a whole new way of life. We are ready to provide you with comforting assistance and the tools you need to ensure your move to your new home is as smooth and stress-free as possible so that you can begin your new chapter in life with confidence. Family Private Care offers an exclusive program to seniors "in transition..."

Three-Day Platinum Program - 5 Hours per Day

Day One - Moving Day

  • Help you settle comfortably in your new home.
  • Arrange your living space in a cozy, convenient fashion that helps you feel at home.
  • Familiarize you with your space, ensuring you know where to find everything you need.
  • Help you learn the layout of your new community, ensuring you know how to access all key services.

Day Two - Exploration Day

  • Review previous day's tour, ensuring you are comfortable and confident locating services and opportunities to enhance your living experience.
  • Assist you in beginning to establish key relationships with staff and those who can help you feel comfortable in your new community.
  • Ease your path to building new friendships, helping you meet your neighbors and joining you for meals and events.
  • Help obtain any household items you may need to ensure your home is stocked with all your needs.

Day Three - Acclimation Day

  • Review everything you have learned in days one and two, ensuring you are confident accessing services and staff you need to know.
  • Providing nurturing companionship, answering any questions you may have, and ensuring your home is arranged to your liking as you start your new life.
  • Continue to meet new neighbors, paving the way for lasting friendships.

Call Family Private Care today (800) 962-0884 to schedule an introduction to our Transitions Program. Our professional staff offers an initial consultation free of charge, with no obligations. We believe we can put your mind at ease and get you started on your move in a way that inspires your confidence and optimism.

What Families Are Saying

"The caregivers at Family Private Care were compassionate, reliable, dependable and patient beyond belief! Should my mother need any private care in the future, I assure you I will be using Family Private Care again!"

- Milton D, Punta Gorda, FL